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We are pleased to announce AURSI’s partnership with H2bid, Inc. Based in San Diego, California, H2bid connects water and wastewater utilities with vendors, such as suppliers, contractors, and consultants. H2bid is the #1 lead generation service for bids from municipal water and wastewater utilities, with more bids than any other source (over 400,000 bids have been posted on the platform). H2bid covers all 50 states and Canada (see

AURSI and H2bid will work together to grow AURSI in the water/wastewater utility market. The AURSI platform will be co-marketed as “H2bid Parts, Powered by AURSI,” and the parties have launched a new joint website: We look forward to working with H2bid to bring the benefits of AURSI to more water and wastewater utilities throughout the nation.

Using AURSI means a vast reduction in costs for maintaining a manual, as well as new efficiencies with supplier information, shared designs and specifications, and immediate online updates for your entire enterprise.

AURSI customers come from varied backgrounds and geographical areas–each with their own specific challenges and requirements. Both Utilities and Suppliers find AURSI the solution they’ve long needed for their supply-chain management.

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