Today, there is an increasing need to respond to disasters and other emergencies in a timely manner. Virtually every institution is faced with new challenges caused by climate change, terrorism, other emergencies, and now pandemics. When the unexpected happens, your organization can find itself in dire need of supplies, parts, and other materials necessary to provide or restore important services. After a disaster, the organization’s warehouse may be destroyed, and local suppliers may be unavailable because their employees are away taking care of their families.

Organizations are realizing the power of Expedited Mutual Aid (“EMA”), where organizations are using to share information about parts and materials in real time. This allows organizations to provide mutual assistance with supplies in an emergency and share valuable information daily about supplies. AURSI has been serving organizations for 22 years. Organizations of all types (municipalities, hospitals, colleges, school districts, emergency response agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), etc.) can now provide immediate help to each other in an emergency.

Now, EMA is allowing organizations to also improve resilience after natural disasters. Soon, this will serve to strengthen institutional bond ratings as rating agencies are now starting to include resilience in institutional credit ratings.

Organizations from every sector can benefit from EMA. Municipalities can use EMA to share information between each other and their various departments, including police, fire, health, and public works departments.

At AURSI, we look forward to bringing the benefits of EMA to more and more organizations.  If your organization has departments that are not a part of AURSI, please contact us. We can get any department up and operational in a short period of time. If you know of organizations that are not benefitting from EMA, please share this email with them and ask them to contact us at (352) 406-0446 or email us at

Please contact me if you have questions about AURSI or want to discuss how we can bring EMA to more departments in your organization.


Using AURSI means a vast reduction in costs for maintaining a manual, as well as new efficiencies with supplier information, shared designs and specifications, and immediate online updates for your entire enterprise.

AURSI customers come from varied backgrounds and geographical areas–each with their own specific challenges and requirements. Both Utilities and Suppliers find AURSI the solution they’ve long needed for their supply-chain management.

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