AURSI Announcements

AURSI announces that Buyer can now maintain their “Boiler Plates” directly on line which save even more time to prepare bids/quotes.

AURSI upgrades enhancements so Engineers can add and maintain their technical specification directly on the AURSI system. Register for a demo to have an AURSI representative show you how your company can save time and dollars.

Suppliers can now build their Line Cards directly on AURSI so utilities know right where to go to get their material and assistance.

It started with a vision

It started with a vision – a Vision for Utilities to electronically share inventory lists, buy inventory in bulk and buy parts from each other when the need was urgent.
LCEC’s Materials Management department turned that vision into a reality with the help of Florida-based Advanced Utility Resource Supply, Inc. (AURSI)

SPO (Surplus Property Outlet)

AURSI implements the SPO (Surplus Property Outlet) for the customers of the system. The benefits of the SPO will assist the utilities in attracting sales on surplus, generate more revenue, open doors to outside buyers of surplus, cross over to utilities in need of specific property……

System Updates Effective February 1, 2002

Effective February 1, 2002 the AURSI system provides to Utilities and Suppliers the ability to complete Bids/Quotes from beginning to end. A Buyer can now initiate a Bid and within seconds the invited Suppliers have the capability to enter pricing and delivery. The AURSI system has also simplified the Evaluation and Award side of the Procurement Cycle making everything available directly on-line. Several hundred of Bids/Quotes have been administered through the system

October 17, 2001: AURSI directors speak on ”How to Save Money Through On-Line Material Standards Manuals” at the Florida Municipal Electric Association Energy Connection Workshop & Trade Show in St. Augustine, Florida.