System Updates Effective February 1, 2002

Effective February 1, 2002 the AURSI system provides to Utilities and Suppliers the ability to complete Bids/Quotes from beginning to end. A Buyer can now initiate a Bid and within seconds the invited Suppliers have the capability to enter pricing and delivery. The AURSI system has also simplified the Evaluation and Award side of the Procurement Cycle making everything available directly on-line. Several hundred of Bids/Quotes have been administered through the system

Using AURSI means a vast reduction in costs for maintaining a manual, as well as new efficiencies with supplier information, shared designs and specifications, and immediate online updates for your entire enterprise.

AURSI customers come from varied backgrounds and geographical areas–each with their own specific challenges and requirements. Both Utilities and Suppliers find AURSI the solution they’ve long needed for their supply-chain management.

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