AURSI provides a comprehensive, real-time web-based , Approved Material Standards Manual with many adjoining features.

A Virtual Community with a Network Effect

Who Can Use AURSI?

AURSI offers a special software platform for agencies and suppliers. Learn how agencies of all types, utilities, and suppliers are saving time and money every day using AURSI.

Initially in 1998 the utilities (electric, water, wastewater, sewer, gas, oil, catv, telephone). In February 2020 due to the COVID-19 Epidemic AURSI announced services to:

  • All Governmental Agencies – city/town, county, state and federal governments
  • Health & Human Care Facilities – hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes
  • Education Systems – schools, universities (public, private, christian)
  • Emergency Response Agencies – FEMA and Emergency Operation Centers (EOC)
  • Police and Fire Agencies
  • Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO’s) Donor Foundations
  • Salvation Army, Red-Cross, United Way
  • AURSI Suppliers – Manufacturers, Manufacturer Representatives, Distributors

If an emergency contact AURSI at

“We had an emergency need for a 2-part splice, which we rarely use. The Mfg. lead time was 6-8 Wks. I was able to track both parts through AURSI to a Cooperative in Alaska and it ended up being a help for them, too… as it was a splice they no longer used. So we were able to get our much needed splice in a few days and they were able to get them out of their stock. This was a win-win situation that saved time and dollars to our cooperative.”

Lisa Perryman, Purchasing Specialist

Utility Material Specification Manual

Organizations are realizing the power of Expedited Mutual Aid (“EMA”), where organizations are using to share information about parts and materials in real time.

Utility Material Specification Manual

How Can AURSI Help?

AURSI’s major focus is to reduce transaction costs, develop interactive networking and enhance the supply chain management, giving strong support and service to companies nationwide.

AURSI provides value to the agencies, suppliers, and industries by lowering their overall cost of doing business. We specialize in Electronic Online Material Standards Manuals that provide instant and accurate updates of the agency manuals.

It’s Easy To Get Started With AURSI

Simply contact us and a representative will contact you. An initial meeting will be scheduled along with a presentation that will take approximately  30-45 minutes.

We encourage you to have all of the appropriate participants (Managers, Information Technology Staff, Finance) at the initial meeting.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“HELP. I am in desperate search of 10 masks, 6 large and 4 med for our Wastewater Employees. We need these masks, and I am having a very rough time finding any vendors that have them. Thank you for any help you can provide. The outcome through AURSI assistance: Our masks were delivered on Monday, and it was like Christmas.  I CANNOT THANK YOU enough for your help with this.”

Heather A. Herold
Purchasing Agent Town of Middletown, DE

We depend heavily on Aursi for our material standards. It provides all districts and departments within our offices a reliable, standardized and up to date information source. 
Sandy Brown
Withlacoochee River Electric Coop

 The availability of the Search/Cross Reference feature within AURSI has allowed the UC to successfully complete projects in a reasonable amount of time whereas, without it this would not have been possible. “
Caleb Fisher
City of New Smyrna Beach

The system has been helpful and a time saver in dealing with the Materials Standards side. It will only get better as we load more specifications. “
Frank R. Holmes, PE
Division Chief of Transmission & Distribution

“I have used AURSI for 2 years and found it to be a very efficient it is great to work with easy to update. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a great quote systems.”
Coy Stilwell
Utility Director, Caldwell Community College

Using AURSI means a vast reduction in costs for maintaining a manual, as well as new efficiencies with supplier information, shared designs and specifications, and immediate online updates for your entire enterprise.

AURSI customers come from varied backgrounds and geographical areas–each with their own specific challenges and requirements. Both Utilities and Suppliers find AURSI the solution they’ve long needed for their supply-chain management.

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