Frequently Asked Questions

A "Utility" is defined as electricity, water, sewer, gas, cable TV, and telephone. The AURSI system will accommodate any entity with inventory (stock numbers, descriptions, specifications, manufacturer, and manufacturer catalog number).

A "Supplier" is defined as a Distributor, Manufacturer, or Manufacturer Representative.

The Material Standards Manual is a catalog of items/supplies that are of a standard to a Utility. The manual generally lists the stock number, description, specification, Manufacturing and manufacturing catalog numbers.

Contact AURSI at, and a representative will contact you within 24 hours. An initial meeting will be scheduled along with a presentation that will take approximately 1 to 2 hours. We encourage you to have all the appropriate participants (Managers, Information Technology Staff, Finance) at the initial meeting.

To access the AURSI system, you need an Internet connection with a Web Browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater).

Yes. Each registered User can modify their profile. Your password is kept confidential and must be requested through AURSI if it is lost or forgotten.

Each Utility and Supplier account has a designated AURSI system administrator. You need to know who serves as your system administrator. All questions and problems should be directed through this administrator.

Prior to being activated on the AURSI system, each customer is given a training program. It is recommended that all first-line staff attend this training. Individual training is done through a Train the Trainer process. If you are in need of extensive additional training, ask your System Administrator to contact AURSI directly.

Ask your System Administrator to request changes through the AURSI support staff.

AURSI sends periodic updates to the System Administrator. The System Administrator will notify the necessary individuals.

Suppliers can submit new products by contacting AURSI directly. Products will be displayed to the Utility companies only and can not be viewed by other Suppliers. Products to be submitted are to be new (within 60 days) to the industry. New products can only be displayed for a period not to exceed 60 days in duration.