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I have used AURSI for 2 years and found it to be a very efficient it is great to work with easy to update. I have found that I can find problems with quotes because of the great spread sheets this eliminates correcting problems later would recommend it to anyone who needs a great quote system. I also think it would make a great inventory system that would bring us all under the same platform. I work with a retired Microsoft employee, he could not believe what a great system AURSI has, he loves the systems.
(828) 315-0967

Coy Stilwell
Utility Director, Caldwell Community College

OUS was one of AURSI's first customers in 2000. I have worked with this system for at least a decade. It has streamlined our bid and quote process and made that process more proficient. I use it for 100% of my purchasing duties for the electrical side of the utility and to maintain the standards for their equipment. I purchase everything from pole line hardware to tools and PPE equipment. It is a user-friendly system and easy to learn how to navigate and the staff is very easy to work with. Recently, OUS loaded all the data in the same system, where I only have to login to one platform to have access to both of my utilities information.

Mary Ann St. Laurent
Utilities Warehouse Manager at Ocala Utility Services
Ocala, Florida Area

For many years in my role as both a Senior Inventory Control Analyst and Supply Chain Manager for the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC), AURSI was a valuable tool. Having our Materials Standards Manual online for easy access to our Standards Engineers, Purchasing Buyers and Suppliers kept us all on the same page. Being in Orlando, Florida with tropical storms, hurricanes, and the normal daily thunderstorms, locating/cross referencing emergency materials from other utilities had become simplified by using features within AURSI. Another AURSI feature we used was the online Surplus Property listings. We were very over stocked from battling three back to back hurricanes in 2004 and we had many years accumulation of obsolete inventory that we were able to advertise to the AURSI community. In fact, I received a call from John that a small AURSI Electric Utility member in Alaska was in critical need of some big fuses that we had tagged as obsolete in our online Materials Standards Manual, (not yet listed on the online Surplus Property). I asked how many and he responded two. I said I can send you fifty. We ended up shipping six as I remember and made a frantic Utility very happy. John Tingue and Chris Staggers were both only an e-mail and/or call away. They always responded to inquiries/requests quickly and accurately. I highly recommend any utility or other agency to contact AURSI for a demo and adopt the use of this highly effective and powerful online tool.

Lonnie Dunn
Deputy Director of Public Works Services at City of Cape Canaveral
Melbourne, Florida Area

Clewiston placed its spare delta/wye transformer in service, but it was old and we were concerned about its reliability. The lead time for a replacement was 6 weeks, and the quotes to rush the order added a $3 to $12 thousand dollars surcharge to the cost. Using an AURSI search (and with John Tingue's help) we were able to locate another public utility willing to offer their transformer to us if needed until the replacement could be delivered. AURSI has been a great value.
(863) 983-1454

Lynne Mila
Safety Mgr & Compliance Officer

Baldwin county Alabama was struck by Hurricane Ivan. The Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach received a call from Baldwin EMC. Baldwin used the AURSI system search function to locate a very specific insulators that most utilities had discontinued using. The search function indicated that the UCNSB once carried the item and now had it as surplus. UCNSB employees gladly packaged up five four feet by four feet crates and shipped them to Alabama. This exchange of resources proved invaluable in restoring the power in Baldwin in a timely manner. The Utilities Commission also benefited as these surplus items were sold at a reasonable price with a return on our investment. The UCNSB uses the Search/Cross reference feature on an as needed basis. By inserting the manufacturer part number, an automatic cross reference identifies any agency who uses the same identical item. "The search/cross reference feature within AURSI has allowed the UC to successfully complete projects in a reasonable amount of time whereas, without it this would not have been possible, says Caleb".
Office: (386) 424-3045

Caleb Fisher
Purchasing Agent, Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach

SECO had an emergency need for a 2-part splice, which we rarely use. The Mfg. lead time was 6-8 Wks. "I was able to track both parts through AURSI to a Cooperative in Alaska", says Lisa Perryman, and it ended up being a help for them, also, as it was a splice they no longer used. We were able to get our much needed splice in a few days and they were able to get them out of their inventory. This was a win-win situation that saved time and dollars to our cooperative.
(352) 569-9731

Lisa Perryman
Purchasing Specialist
Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.

We depend heavily on AURSI for our material standards. It provides all districts and departments within our offices a reliable, standardized and up to date information source. While we have been very lucky in the last many years with skirting any emergency restoration, we are confident in AURSI being available at all hours to provide cross reference information for material stocked at our vendors for other coops. I have received calls from out of state utilities requesting to purchase emergency supplies from us that they had cross referenced on AURSI. All our major distributors are signed on with AURSI. This greatly increases our ability to access material stores in case of emergencies or storms not only with our distributors but with other utilities. We appreciate the ease of use with your system.
(352) 567-5133 x 6330

Sandy Brown
Purchasing Agent
Withlacoochee River Electric Coop

The AURSI system has been very helpful in searching for material approved at Clay Electric Cooperative that other utilities may stock in their inventory. We simply enter the manufacturer catalog number and AURSI automatically identifies the exact manufacturer and catalog across the U.S.. When we are out of stock on an item and the lead times from our vendors are too long, the AURSI system is the first place I go to find another vendor who may be stocking this same item.
(352) 473-8000 x 8336

Tim Lewis
Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.

The process for updating our data in the AURSI system is outstanding. So far, the process we have worked out is easy and flawless. Attached are the instructions I follow every 2-4wks to send you our updates.  The process takes me 5 minutes. AURSI is particularly helpful with my spreadsheet of changes and I immediately get as feedback from AURSI. Briefly, I can look at all the changes made to stock number, description, and approved manufacturer information since our last update. Thanks for automating that extra step. As a brief note, the other things I have found handy to improve the function of our information are the ease of adding a specific web link (catalog cut sheet) to items as I run across them. The ability to add generic or specific pictures to each is a huge plus. I'm finding that our suppliers are looking there to get their information more, without calling me so much. I'm particularly looking forward to telling our non-member sales representatives about them and soon to be available ability to perform searches on our information. Then I'll be able to send everyone to AURSI to identify who is approve for what items without having to answer questions.
Thanks, in general for the quality system y'all are providing and for your timely responsiveness to our every inquiry.

Mike Carrillo
Lakeland Electric

Two years ago, when we first started on our Hwy 70 feeder line, we needed several line post insulators with bracket, however most vendors stop caring the porcelain type insulator and had to wait 8 weeks for delivery from the manufacturer. But with the AURSI system we were able to cross reference a company in Florida that had has some in surplus that we were able to get from them. Also, we needed 394.5 AAAC wire that factory delivery was 10 – 12 weeks, but once again, AURSI cross reference has help find another source of purchasing that material from a cooperative in Virginia.
(252) 639-2802

Darryl Stith
Warehouse Manager

The system has been extremely helpful and a time saver in dealing with the Materials Standards side. It will only get better as we load more specifications.

Frank R. Holmes
Clay Electric Cooperative, Florida
Division Chief of Transmission & Distribution

I especially like the feature on AURSI that allows me to view the customer's stock number and get approved part numbers. Also, it allows me to read any specs that go with it and view the picture of the item. I also value the bid tabs that some customers put on AURSI. And, of course, the AURSI system is a new and exciting way of doing bids for our customers.

David Littleton
HD Supply, Inc.

LCEC has been manually updating our Oracle inventory system and then manually updating the AURSI system. In a period of only 6 months, we found that we had missed quite a few updates in the AURSI system. Working with AURSI's staff, we are now able to update the AURSI system from our Oracle system in one simple step. Utilizing the Oracle Discoverer Report, we can query our whole database, export the file into an Excel spreadsheet and send it to AURSI. Our last inventory update took minutes rather than hours to accomplish. Now we are routinely sending Excel spreadsheet updates to AURSI. Once again AURSI has provided a simple and accurate means of keeping our inventory system current. AURSI is an incredibly powerful tool and one I wouldn't want to be without.

Vicky Moog
Lee County Electric Cooperative

Seriously, I like the ease with which I can pull up an item and print a spec sheet with all the information including all approved manufacturers and their catalog numbers. My material catalog is accessible no matter where I go provided there is an available internet connection.

Frank Drago
City of Ocala – Engineering

I appreciate the ease of editing material items on AURSI. Also, I'm glad to be rid of the tiresome upkeep of the numerous paper Materials Standards Catalogs.

Mark Hoover
Senior Electrical Engineer
OUC Engineering

We are so pleased with our experience with the AURSI system.   AURSI immediately established our approved materials manual online with little effort on our part. It has been very easy and effective for us to update our information quickly for use by our own employees as well as our suppliers. We are now using the event system regularly to quote our material.  It is a quick and efficient method of bidding online. Our suppliers are getting the most current information available on the material we want along with any special criteria for each item requested. The continuing advances in AURSI's system seems to be designed especially with us in mind.  Each update makes very efficient use of our time and efforts. We see great potential to further expand the exchange of information among other cooperatives and our suppliers.
We are looking forward to the next upgrades, as AURSI listens to the customers.

Sandy Brown
Purchasing Coordinator
Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, Inc.

AURSI's material manual is a great tool to search for material that is needed by other utilities. We had a situation with Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SECO) where SECO needed a particular type fuse and we were able to utilize the AURSI manual search engine that cross-references and found the same fuse at Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA). We picked the fuses up from KUA and delivered it to SECO the same day. We have been able to use the AURSI System many times to help our customers out. Our number one priority is to satisfy our customers and the AURSI SYSTEM helps us to achieve this goal.

Vicki Vernon
GRESCO Utility Supply, Inc.

AWG has experienced great success with AURSI, winning long-term contracts (FMPA) as well as small individual orders. Unlike other quoting systems, AURSI provides a link for suppliers to click and review prior awards for a specific line item, which in turn gives us the information we need to be more competitive. The system is very simple to navigate and very straightforward. AURSI makes it easy to communicate directly with the buyer and there's never a doubt about where or how to submit a bid.

Michael Dorfman
General Manager at American Wire Group
Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

AURSI is a valuable tool and a great way to locate emergency items and send out bids.

Karen Bennett
Contracting & Procurement Supervisor at Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Orlando, Florida Area

AURSI is valuable for managing the supply chain and maintaining material standards.

Dane Hocott
Services Division Manager at Magic Valley Electric Cooperative
McAllen, Texas Area

AURSI is a great tool for Ocala Utility Services. All our material standards are in one place, making it easy to share with suppliers and with outside consultants doing our utility designs. The ability to see what other utilities are using is invaluable for our engineers looking to improve standards or solve a construction problem. Our Purchasing department regularly uses it for bids and quotes, and it has greatly streamlined our processes. Their customer service is great and AURSI is always ready to solve any problem we may have.

Michael Poucher
Director, Electric Utility at Ocala Utility Services
Ocala, Florida Area

AURSI has been an invaluable tool for our company. Purchasing can quickly and efficiently check approved manufacturers and send out mass quotes. Engineering can manage approved manufacturers, cross reference with other utilities, and manage bid specifications all in one location. We now have a tool to handle all our material management. There is no telling how much time we have saved since we started using this product.

Christopher Bryan
P.E., Senior Engineer at Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida Area

AURSI is a very important System for our utility. Our distributors use it in their daily quotes and projects to get quick response in their material and service needs. It provides both a scheduled material order or an important hi-tech project equipment in a formal quick response bid list so that long time shipments can be managed timely. Over the past 14 years, I have worked with AURSI customers that depend on quick access to manage their equipment needs in securing on-time deliveries.

Cliff Butler
Utility Electrical Engineer at Patterson Power – ABB
Birmingham, Alabama Area

AURSI is a great tool to share specifications with customers, vendors, and other OUC employees. It is so easy to use.

Ric Dy-Liacco
Senior Project Coordinator at Orlando Utilities Commission
Orlando, Florida Area